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Specializing in commercial office interiors since 1987, we ensure our clients receive the best services from start to finish.

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Project Management
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Since 1987, we have focused are expertise on commercial office interiors for both high end clientele and fortune 50 companies. With our own in-house drywall division, we are able to create stunning custom acoustic ceilings and custom drywall finishes that are exclusive to each project. We love to work on both large and small scale commercial projects. Whether our clients are looking for a new executive office, or a full scale commercial face-lift, we leave no detail to the imagination. 

What gives us an edge over the rest is our highly experienced, self-starting project managers. They're experienced in an array of projects, having hands on construction experience they see the value of regular site visits ensuring the project is always running smoothly. 

We would love to put together a budget for your next project, contact us today for a free quotation. 

Structured Services

Site Review

Budget Creation

Design & Permits

Execution & Delivery

Project Management

We have a well balanced and experienced team of construction project managers. With their extensive experience in office, commercial, and industrial renovations, they are a vital asset to our projects. Our team has a unique tone and approach they use to ensure their message is from points of contact is reached and understood. They see the value of regular site visits ensuring the clients best interests are always met and construction is running smoothly.They’re proactive with each project ensuring risk management is thought out, change notices are thoroughly reviewed and a resolution is in place prior to the presentation to the consultant.

Fernando Homen

Fernando founded APS Interiors in 1987 focusing his passion for interior commercial office construction. A few years later he expanded into General Contracting. Since his expansion, he has gathered rapport and respect with some of the largest names in the industry.

Jon MacGillivray

Jon, our most senior Project Manager with more than 14 years of hands-on experience. His rapport with trades, clientele, and co-workers has earned him an outstanding reputation as the-go-to-guy for any project. His well versed skills have given him extensive experience in all types of construction projects.


Colleen Homen

Colleen is our chief estimator and Project Manager for all major drywall projects with larger square footage. She has more than 13 years’ experience in drywall and GC project management, and drywall estimating. Colleen currently manages the flow of incoming drywall projects, from estimating to managing and closing the project.


Tony Santos

Tony is a well-respected crew leader and manager. He is in constant communication with all of APS's Project Managers, ensuring each drywall portion of any project is moving successfully. Tony generates daily reports, meets PM's on site, and is exceptional at risk management and solutions for each project. Tony has been with APS for more than 25+ years.

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Generating Budgets

Budget Creation

APS offers budgeting services to help consultants create accurate budgets for various projects. Budgeting can be a general square footage allowance, or it can be as accurate as the supply and installation of a specific product, complete with a lead time. The great thing about creating a budget with APS Interiors is that we give an accurate breakdown per trade as well as any contingency, profit, and overhead costs. There are no grey areas in our budgets.

Construction Budgets


In-House Estimating

APS Interiors has a full service drywall division with dedicated estimators in office. Over the past 15 years we have built rapport with suppliers all over Ontario ensuring we get competitive prices and quality materials.  

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